KLAVICURA Pflege-Emulsion
has virtually no expiration date, is highly sustainable and non-toxic.
Through the moisture elements, which are added to its varnish,
the instrument’s wood becomes more flexible and hence breathes and swings! KLAVICURA Pflege-Emulsion
is free of silicone and wax and does not contain any abrasives.

Always shake the bottle before use! KLAVICURA Pflege-Emulsion is to be used sparingly.
A few drops on a smooth cotton or linen cloth are enough.
Distribute the liquid with the wipe consistently over the body of your instrument.
In case of high-gloss varnishes, we recommend the application of an especially thin layer.
Polish the instrument after a couple of minutes again.
In case of persistent residues or stains, you may repeat the cleaning procedure any number of times.
This also applies to the keys of your instrument.

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