The cleaning and care product for your stringed and plucked instrument.

As your instrument, BELLACURA Pflege-Emulsion consists, inter alia, of precious natural materials.
It cleans and maintains the wood in a natural way.
It does not clog the pores and does not contain any additives which could possibly damage the instrument’s varnish.

BELLACURA Pflege-Emulsion has virtually no expiration date and is highly sustainable.
Through the moisture elements, which are added to its varnish,
the instrument’s wood becomes more flexible and hence breathes and swings!
BELLACURA Pflege-Emulsion is free of silicone and wax and does not contain any abrasives.

Always shake the bottle before use!
BELLACURA Pflege-Emulsion is to be used sparingly.
A few drops or one spray burst on a smooth cotton or linen cloth are enough.
Please do not directly spray on the instrument with the spray bottle!
You could alternatively choose BELLACURA Pflege-Emulsion as a moistened wipe.
Distribute the liquid with the wipe consistently over the body of your instrument in circular motions.
Polish the instrument after about 10 minutes along the grain again.
Therefore, we recommend the BELLACURA polishing cloth which is made of soft cotton.
In case of persistent rosin or other residues, you may repeat the cleaning procedure.
There are no limitations regarding the cleaning and maintenance frequency of your instrument.
Please do not use BELLACURA Pflege-Emulsion for the strings and the non-varnished parts of the instrument.

Important notes:
If the instrument’s varnish was previously damaged,
BELLACURA Pflege-Emulsion may enter deeper as intended.
Therefore, please engage a specialist in case of doubt in order to determine the impeccable condition of your instrument.

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