BELLACURA Griffbrettöl
Blunted fingerboards of stringed instruments may be cleaned and refreshed by the fingerboard oil: BELLACURA Griffbrettöl.
By the frequent use of the BELLACURA Griffbrettöl,
the flexibility of the instrument’s surface can be maintained and cracking avoided.
An optimal balance in between the sliding and static friction of the fingers will be accomplished.
The cleaning with the BELLACURA Griffbrettöl achieves great results, especially in case of fingerboards with frets.
In this case, the oil also reaches the transitions in between wood and the frets which are difficult to access.

We recommend to remove the strings of plucked instruments or,
if desired, to combine the fingerboard oil treatment with an overall string exchange.
The oil can be directly applied onto the fingerboard in small amounts through the grommet.
Rub the oil immediately with a thin cloth or a small brush into the wood.
By doing so, please pay utmost attention to the frets.

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