A few basics of great care

The careful handling of an instrument should be close to all our hearts.

Therefore, BELLACURA collected some guidelines for the handling and care of music instruments
in cooperation with instrument builders.

1. The stringing and the installation of accessories, such as chin holders,
is only to be executed by the instructor or under instruction.

2. Correct storage of the instrument: In the case, no direct sunlight, relative humidity: 50-65%.

3. The instrument is not exposed to hard objects (risk of scratching).

4. All stressed varnished parts and strings are to be cleaned with
a soft cotton or microfiber cloth after each usage.

5. The instrument should be cleaned with an appropriate care product
(such as Bellacura Pflege-Emulsion) at least once a month.

6. Please consider especially stressed parts during the cleaning
(in particular the rosin powder of stringed instruments)!

7. Never let your instrument be exposed to water!

Stringed instruments:
1. Never touch the bow hairs with your hands!

2. The stick of the bow shall also be cleaned, except the bow hairs.

3. The drawing of the bow is to be executed under instruction.

4. The bow is to be immediately loosened after each usage by the screw,
so that the stick does not lose its flexibility.

5. Individual torn hars are uncommon, but not unusual and may be carefully removed with scissors.
In case of frequently torn or fallen out hairs, the bow might be damaged.

6. Use the colophon only under instruction.